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SA TARONJA (which means "The Orange" in the Majorcan dialect) is a not-for-profit cultural association. Its goals are to promote and support an active cultural environment in the south west of Majorca and to encourage intellectual exchange. Since its founding in 1997 it has grown from a small cultural club into a dynamic and international cultural centre.

Over recent years Sa Taronja's idiosyncratic style and its lively and culturally diverse programme have gained the centre a deservedly high reputation.
SA TARONJA has offered one or two concerts or performances a week for the last ten years, as well as art exhibitions and many classes and workshops (music, dance, painting, sculpture, etc) for children and adults.
Its studio spaces are filled with artists and artisans who find in SA TARONJA the peace, the inspiration and the sense of community that they need.
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SA TARONJA relies on its members and donations from public and private sponsors for support.
All it takes is a couple of clicks on this website to become a MEMBER.
You can find the current month's programme on our BLOG
Come and discover the other Mallorca: The Cultural Centre SA TARONJA
SA TARONJA, the association, is not for sale, but the property at 23, calle Andalucía is looking for a buyer or an investor.
Since 2014 have a new Board with a mandate to recruit more members and tackle the financial problems of the finca.
If you would like to know more about this, please get in touch with us:
Tel. (+34) 971 235 268